Wilderness meals are important and should taste good

I’m Anders Klint, I work as an outdoor-chef it might sound a bit funny but I can tell you that it’s the best job there is! When I first started becoming more involved in hiking and canoeing adventures, I never expected that I would become a wilderness cooking instructor.

I remember those first trips, over 30 years ago, digging into a typical hiking meal and thinking to myself, ”there has to be a better way to deal with food in the backcountry”. With that in mind I set out to learn everything I could about wilderness cooking and making trail meals that would be more enjoyable.

When talking to other outdoor adventure enthusiasts, I realized that many had the same question surrounding how to make delicious meals, with ease, on wilderness trips.

I want to use my knowledge: to give you an insight into a outdoor chef’s daily lives, but also share good and bad dining experiences, fantastic recipes and to tell you about my passion for organic and fair trade products and services! My own first choice, it is obvious to choose organic food and fair trade.

Fisk i vilda löv

My personal style; I do it all!

I like food. Point. Some (outdoor) chefs acquire quickly a very personal style, or specialize in a particular country’s cuisine, but it has never really worked for me. Of course, Italy, its food and especially the Italians approach to food is to my heart, but when I write it, I realize that I might as well say the same for France, Spain and many other countries. Classic meat stew gets me going as much as a simple margherita, a smooth sobrasada, or a refined croque-en-bouche. Because of my job I have to be quite broad, but it seems so boring to just do one thing!

What I think we outdoor chefs have in common, whether we cook kimchi or sausage is that all chefs want to cook personal food. Food that says something about the one by the camp fire, tell a story, and that makes people happy. It is the feeling of success – or failure – with what I want to convey.

The essence and the passion for me is my great love for the wilderness, camping and cooking. When I can experience these things in combination and in addition have it my profession, then happiness is complete!

Campfire Breakfast equals Protein Power!

Something about an outdoor campfire adds such a unique and tasty flavor to any meal. Here is an easy gluten-free breakfast camping recipe that’s packed with protein power (to get you through those amazing hikes and nature adventures).


2 tbsp olive oil
1 package of bacon (or maybe 2 😉 )
1 can of organic black beans
5 eggs
1 handful of spinach
Salsa or Tapatio hot sauce

1. Make a campfire (make sure you have paper, twigs, wood, and a lighter!).
2. Once the fire is hot and steady, place a pan on the grill and add olive oil.
3. Add bacon. Stir and heat for 3 minutes.
4. Crack 5 eggs in pan, stir around to make it scrambled. Let eggs cook for 2 minutes.
5. Add black beans (drain water from can). Stir constantly (don’t break the beans).
6. Once eggs are cooked, add a handful of spinach. Heat for another minute then serve with salsa or Tapatio sauce!
So easy and such a great way to start your morning in nature!

If you would like to learn more recipes and more about how to cook great in the wilderness check out my blog Friluftsmat and follow me on Facebook.

Eat well out there! /Anders Klint

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  1. ahvena
    ahvena says:

    Thank You for taking up this theme. Personal food… innovating, not imitating…

    Of course, theory is one thing and practice another.

    BTW: In the ingredient list there´s bacon but no sausage & in the directions section sausage but no bacon.


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